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Safety & Screen Doors

In todays day and age security is even more essential than in years gone by, It is for this reason that we only supply the best quality Safety and Screen doors.

All our screen and safety doors have the highest quality locking mechanisms and mesh and are available for both hinged and sliding doors.

A proper security door must have a combination of several elements that make it secure. For example, a strong grill is useless if the lock’s easily broken. And a solid lock doesn’t help if the hinges can be lifted from the frame in moments.

We will discuss with you the best options available for your home as well as supply you with an aesthetically pleasing safety or screen door that suits your premises.

We can also install your door correctly with minimal fuss.

Cast Panel Doors

Cast Panel Doors are designed to suit a wide variety of door and window frames and come in a large selection of both traditional and contemporary designs and colours that will match any specifications.

Cast panels in a federation home will enhance the appeal of your home, making it a postive attribute.

We sell ALSPEC's complete range of unique designs which are manufactured from the highest grade of recycled aluminium.

ALSPEC offers a complete range of screening systems from thier top of the range INVISI-GARD Stainless Steel Security Screens, Aluminium Security Screens, Federation Cast Panels, Diamond Grilles, one way vision mesh, fibreglass and aluminium insect screening and accessories.